PNN is strongly committed to the development of the communities in which we do business. We work to enhance the socio-economic growth of every country we operate in by providing excellent service, not only to our clients, employees and shareholders, but also to the communities we serve and operate in.

We value the contributions we make to our communities, treating each location with the same degree of patriotism, reliability, integrity, commitment and entrepreneurship that guides our internal operations.

And we strengthen the communities we serve by investing our resources, time, and talents towards their development.

PNN is fully dedicated to developing close relationships with local communities, and is involved in sponsoring educational, social and environmental programmes. Our ultimate goal is to help improve all the communities in which PNN operates, to the long-term benefit of all.

Our Community Relations Policy

We strive to deliver all our projects on time and within budget by integrating community relations into all facets of the project.

Our aims are achieved by:

Community Interaction 
Interacting with communities in a way that is, and is seen to be, responsive and transparent.

Mutual Trust and Respect 
Achieving a level of mutual trust and respect that leads to providing solutions that improve the overall wellbeing of PNN and the community.

Shared Recognition 
Sharing accolades for projects well executed within the community, reflecting the efforts put in by each party towards the smooth and successful execution of the project.

Company Approach
Treating the community with sensitivity and respect with regard to its issues, views and suggestions.

Innovative Management Systems 
Using result-oriented and innovative, people-focused management systems to achieve all of the above.